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Integra is the leading dealer group in the UK’s Office and IT supplies industry, providing independent dealers with exceptional buying power, differentiated marketing programmes, flexible IT solutions and support services which are second to none.

As an independent dealer, Integra membership is very much about supporting you to run your business, ensuring you have the right tools and information to make your life easier.

We recognise every business is different and that is why we provide members with a tailored support programme that fits their individual needs. With such a diverse portfolio of services and solutions, take a tour of our website to see the many benefits available and what Integra membership can provide for you.

  • Retain your independence
  • Exceptional buying power
  • Partnerships with industry wholesalers & distributors
  • Direct agreements with leading suppliers & manufacturers
  • Access to award winning own brand, Initiative
  • Comprehensive, award winning marketing programme
  • Flexible IT solutions and support
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