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Direct Mail

Integra’s direct mail programme has been designed to grow your business, providing you with the tools you need to promote a diverse range of products and services. It enables you to develop and maintain relationships with your existing customer base and win new business. Integra’s marketing programme is fully supported with digital publications, email marketing and web collateral and is exclusive to members enabling them to differentiate their businesses.

Your direct mail programme includes:-

  • Commodity mailers and aggressively priced door openers
  • Access to award winning own brand, Initiative
  • Educational supplies programme with catalogue & promotional support
  • Dedicated facilities management brochure & promotional programme
  • Niche category mailers
  • Fulfilment and polywrapping service
  • Inhouse bespoke Creative Design service

Digital marketing is a great way to increase the reach and circulation of your printed publications which is why Integra provides members with free of charge iBooks together with the option of personalised digibooks.